5 Things to be considered before creating a Video Conferencing App like Zoom

Ever since countries around the world reacted to the COVID-19 virus explosion by commencing lockdowns, there has been one request that we have listened to over and over. As the nation opens up to different ways of doing aspects, An app like Zoom is on everyone’s toolkit.

The unexpected spike in Zoom’s popularity has to do with many corporations trying to accommodate their procedures by inquiring their employees to work from home. Performing so mitigates the impact of the virus explosion on their company and also decreases the possibility of their employees getting infected.

Zoom video call app enables the workers of a company to maintain online meetings while they are working from home. Over the last few weeks, there has existed a substantial improvement in the need for such video conferencing applications. The COVID-19 disaster has been a challenging moment for all of us, but you should strive to make the greatest of it. Some entrepreneurs detect this growth in need as a chance to create video chat apps like Zoom.

How Do Video Conferencing Apps Work?

Let us determine Zoom, for example. The app not only enables users to view HD video and sound but similarly supports up to 1000 participants in an individual meeting. Participants from all over the nation can assemble in a meeting as towering as they have an internet connection. They similarly have the preference to turn off their camera or microphone whenever they need. The corporation hopes to furnish all its features to its users, regardless of the number of participants in the conference. Here are some of the aspects of Zoom that have promoted its growth to the top:

Screen Sharing

Since the participants in the meeting are not physically present in the exact room as you, they can’t watch your presentation. Zoom’s remedy to this was a helpful feature called Screen Share, which enables participants to share their screen for all participants to see during a presentation.


Members of a meeting can effectively communicate with each other using Zoom’s combined chat feature. They can prefer to message all fellows of the meeting at a similar time or separately message participants.

Virtual Hand-Raising

When a participant expects to talk or express their questions about a specific topic, they can inform the host by utilizing the virtual hand-raising emoji. This also improves the efficiency of the video conferencing app and also avoids multiple people from talking at once.


If the host expects to recognize the participant’s viewpoint about a specific topic, they can assemble their reactions by establishing a poll.

Mute Participants

If the host thinks that a participant is disrupting the conference, they have the option to mute any participant they wish.

Record Meetings

Each Zoom meeting can be effortlessly recorded with the click of a solo button. This recording can accordingly be uploaded to the cloud or stocked locally on the device.


Every Zoom meeting is entrenched with end-to-end encryption software that prohibits any unauthorized individual from joining your meeting. Even the corporation itself cannot join a meeting without the host’s approval.

Things to be considered before establishing a Video Conferencing App like Zoom

Creating a video conference app like Zoom successfully requires time, significant study, endurance, and tricky planning. Let’s analyze the things to be considered before establishing a video conference app like Zoom!

1. A Unbreakable Idea & Market Analysis

While renovating an idea of a video chat app, you must supervise a complete market analysis. Examine the strategies of your apparent opponents and your idea’s expectation in the market. Ensure to comprise some outstanding elements in your app to make it unique. Depending on your different intentions, you can discover your target audience as per which you can prepare the app layout.

2. Attracting Video Chat App Designs

After having an exact idea, you must establish an incredible UI/UX design for your users. To improve your app for millennials, assure to make impressive designs, and manipulate a bright colour scheme. Also, if you wish to attract businesses through this app, use soothing colours and make it delicate. However, if you need to make it for a group of people, your designs must be easy and spontaneous like Zoom.

3. Back-end Development

This is the spine of the app development process. The database, web server, and app server appear under an app’s backend development, which establishes the basics of the backend believing on which you can comprise several functionalities in your application. Scalability is necessitous as you would desire several users to remain in your app simultaneously.

4. Technology Stack

To inaugurate a single platform app, you can get several options to select from like Kotlin and Java for Android app development whereas Objective-C and Swift for iOS app growth. Still, if you expect to inaugurate a cross-platform application, you may choose between Flutter and React Native. You may get assistance from a profitable app development company if you can’t decide this.

5. Testing your App

Testing is an important procedure in video conference app development. Before publishing your video conferencing app, you should focus on testing it for excluding the gaps of any mistake and bug in it.

Price Estimation to Create a Video Conferencing App like Zoom

Aspects like app features, complexes, location of app development, the bulk of the app development team, the number of hours required for making an app, and the improvement platform are limited which affects the price of app development for a video conference app.

The price estimation of creating a video conference app pivots on what type of personalized solution you need to maintain. A video conferencing app like Zoom, where the team of development functions on everything based on the services and features you choose.


The truth that Google has boosted the number of participants in their conference app and the announcement that Facebook is attempting on establishing a meeting app that is combined with their messaging platform is a vibrant announcement to the truth that an app like Zoom is more like a technology demonstrator that demonstrates to the tech world that video conferencing and total media meetings are several domains in themselves and not only a supplementary feature.

It also continues to demonstrate that video conferencing with numerous people is not only a corporate requirement but even ordinary people require it, at least during periods of global disasters.

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